Foundation Programme ( 18 Month – 3 Years: Parent Accompanied Playgroup )

Foundation Programme ( 18 Month – 3 Years: Parent Accompanied Playgroup )

Foundation Program

18 months to 3 years – Parent Accompanied Playgroup

This specially designed programme is for both an adult and their young learner to enjoy Spanish together. Through song, dance, play, speech and design, you and your child are immersed into the Spanish language and culture. In our welcoming environment you can join your child and learn together on the first steps of their Spanish journey.

How we learn

By repetition, praise, play and creation our foundation class absorb the Spanish language whilst developing their tactile skills. Having a familiar adult by their side creates a comfortable and encouraging classroom in which adult and child can learn together. Our experienced teachers will then provide the adult with advice, along with our learning app, on how to keep the Spanish learning journey continuing at home and outside of class hours.


One-year immersive beginner programme


We know the importance of routine, structure and praise when learning a new language. So, what do we do? Below are the short (but sweet) activities to bring the Spanish language alive for our young learners.

  • Greeting song ¡Hola! ¿Que Tal?
  • Flashcards of topic vocabulary
  • Song relating to the topic vocabulary
  • Story time – allowing the child to experience the topic in context and in full
  • Arts and crafts to cement vocabulary with a `hands on´ approach
  • Farewell song – with actions

Our beginner modules are activity based and take a holistic approach to learning Spanish. Each student is immersed in an environment where the four basic skill of reading, listening, writing and speaking are taught. Monthly topic chosen will be relevant to specific age groups so as to assist in holding a pupil’s interest.

We introduce Inductive Learning where learning is a process of ‘discovering’ general principles from facts rather than traditional Deductive approach where the role of teacher is to present the rules and organize the practice.
In our classroom, teachers are getting learners to discover rules and how they are applied by looking at examples. The role of the teacher is to provide the language the learners need to discover the rules, to guide them in discovery if necessary, and then to provide more opportunities to practice.

The inductive approach is often thought of as a more modern way of teaching: it involves discovery techniques; it seeks in some ways to duplicate the acquisition process; it often exploits authentic material; it has learners at the centre of the lesson; and the focus is on usage rather than rules.


Our professional resources bring our topics to life. Recommended by the Cervantes Institute of Madrid, our textbooks and resources have continuity and stimulate the retention of Spanish.


On their Spanish journey our young learners will be accumulating evidence of their progression. Along with their arts and crafts, the students will also have written work and homework that reinforces the learnt vocabulary and simple grammar structures. Our teachers will present the learners portfolio to parents at the end of each term to show progression along with methods to continue the Spanish journey at home.

After this 12 month program — > Graduate and move onto more advance programme