Class T03: Teenage Begniner 1 (Every Saturday 4pm – 5:30pm)

Class T03: Teenage Begniner 1 (Every Saturday 4pm – 5:30pm)

Here at Spanish academy, we understand that learning a third language can be difficult even under the most ideal of circumstances. With limited resources outside of the formal education system, there are not many structured solution available to students who need additional help or want an edge.  Working with students, our educators will ensure programs are catered specifically to the needs of students and personalised classes are also available upon request.

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Every student whom has completed our Teenager Beginner 1, 2, and 3 program with a total of 60 course hour. He or she is prepare for DELE A1 Exam.

Program: Teenage Begniner 1

Teacher: Marina Bellon Palacios

Lesson: Every Saturday 4pm – 5:30pm

Class Size: Min. 4 pax, Max. 8 pax

Course Fee: SGD 420 for 10 lessons. Each lesson is 1.5 hour