Class A10: Adult Beginner 1 (Every Sunday 9 – 11am)

Class A10: Adult Beginner 1 (Every Sunday 9 – 11am)

This Course cover one-third syllabus of DELE A1 Exam.

Level A1 – This is the beginner’s level for students eager to learn Spanish. A topic example in this course covers common greetings. After completing this level, you’ll be able to understand basic phrases and terms used in day-to-day situations.

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Class A19: Adult Beginner 1

Teacher: Sara Marin Perez

Lesson: Every Sunday 9 – 11am

Period: 5 Aug, 2018 – 7 Oct, 2018 (Total 20 lessons with a total course hour of 20)

Course Fee: Total SGD 440

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