Beginner A2.6

Beginner A2.6

This is the 6th course of the 6 modules that form the second level, which is composed for a total of 120 hours. The optimal according to the CEFR and the acquisition of competencies in a continuous and gradual way.


Course Duration: 20 hours (10 lessons)

Course Material: AULA 1 – International

Course Fee: SGD 440

General Objective:

Enable students to talk about ages of history

Learn and use basic words related to different historical eras, traditions, habits and lifestyles


  • Talk about habits, customs and circumstances in the past
  •  Sequence actions
  • Place actions in the past and present
  • Give arguments


  • Uses of the past tense. Contrast: Present perfect / Simple past / Past continuous
  •  Temporary markers for the past and the present


  • Verbs like gustar (to like): parecer/    caer bien, mal/   pasárselo bien, mal
  • Life stages
  • Vocabulary related   to periods of history   and historical events


  • Tourism in Spanish-Speaking countries
  • Nature and special places