Beginner A2.5

Beginner A2.5

This is the 5th course of the 6 modules that form the second level, which is composed for a total of 120 hours. The optimal according to the CEFR and the acquisition of competencies in a continuous and gradual way.

Course Duration: 20 hours (10 lessons)

Course Material: AULA 1 – International

Course Fee: SGD 440

General Objective:

Learn how to tell a story or personal anecdote

Enable students to write a short description, including details

Learn how to make apologies and excuses


  • Talk about intentions and projects
  • Talk about experiences and valuing them
  • Express the desire to do something
  • Discuss advantages and disadvantages
  • Give advice
  • Talk about mood states
  • Describe aches, pain and symptoms


  • Would like + Infinitive  (me /te /le/nos/os/les    gustaría +… )
  • Exclamative sentences
  • Uses of ser and estar
  • The verb doler
  • Imperative mood: Affirmative form and its uses
  • Estar + gerund (combined with past tense )
  • Discourse markers and conjunctions


  • Emotions and moods
  • Vocabulary related to sights and cultural offerings
  • Travel
  • Body parts
  • Diseases and symptoms


  • Hispanic products
  • Non-verbal language: gestures