Beginner A2.4

Beginner A2.4

This is the 4th course of the 6 modules that form the second level, which is composed for a total of 120 hours. The optimal according to the CEFR and the acquisition of competencies in a continuous and gradual way.

Course Duration: 20 hours (10 lessons)

Course Material: AULA 1 – International

Course Fee: SGD 440


General Objective:

Learn and use basic words related to projects

Learn how to make a recipe

Enable students to write a paper describing a place and commenting the most interesting facts about it

Familiarizing students with the different resources to discuss and seek ways to solve the problems


  • Talk about intentions and projects
  • Talk about experiences


  • The Present Perfect with already /yet / ever /never (ya/todavía no/ alguna vez/     nunca)
  • Conditional tense
  • Going to (Ir a + Infinitive)
  • Querer / Pensar + Infinitive
  • Direct object pronouns  ( me, te, lo,la, nos, os, los, las
  • Impersonal voice: SE
  • Differences and uses of  ser    and estar
  • Conjunctions and adverbs: y, pero, además


  • Travel and tourism
  •  Foods and drinks
  • Cooking instructions and recipes
  • Weights and measures


  • Traditional Spanish dishes and Latin American cuisine