Beginner A2.2

Beginner A2.2

This is the 2nd course of the 6 modules that form the second level, which is composed for a total of 120 hours. The optimal according to the CEFR and the acquisition of competencies in a continuous and gradual way.

Course Duration: 20 hours (10 lessons)

Course Material: AULA 1 – International

Course Fee: SGD 440

General Objective:

Learn and use words related to the house, the furniture and the place to live

Enable students to refer past facts

Learn how to talk and write about personal experiences

Learn how to talk and write about holidays

Prepare students to understand the different registers and degrees of formality in order to interact properly

Enable students to organize all the necessary to spend a weekend in a Spanish speaking place

Give the students the language skills to organize a party or other kind of meeting.


  • Talk about past events
  • Talk about likes and preferences
  • Express coincidence
  • Ask for repetition and   clarification
  • Talk about the place and   the house where someone live


Possessive pronouns: mine, yours,   his, hers…( el mío / la mía, el tuyo   /la tuya, el suyo / la suya)

Comparatives and superlatives

Some uses of the prepositions sin,  con, debajo, encima, detrás,   delante

The verbs to like, to love, to prefer (gustar, encantar y preferir)

Differences between ser/estar


  • Travel and holidays


  • Lifestyles in the Hispanic world
  • Biographies of famous Hispanic personalities