Beginner A2.1

Beginner A2.1

This is the 1st course of the 6 modules that form the second level, which is composed for a total of 120 hours. The optimal according to the CEFR and the acquisition of competencies in a continuous and gradual way.

Course Duration: 20 hours (10 lessons)

Course Material: AULA 1 – International

Course Fee: SGD 440

General Objective:

Familiarizing students with some simple structures to give advice and make suggestions

Learn how to write a biography

Learn how to write an email, a letter and other kind of short texts

Enable students to express agreement and disagreement

Enable students to express their opinion, show disagreement and make choices


  • Describe objects
  • Locate objects in space
  • Talk about routines and its difficulties
  • Describe feelings
  • Ask and answer about reasons
  • Make suggestions
  • Talk about the beginning and the duration of an action or event


  • Present tense  (regular and irregular verbs)
  •  Reflexive verbs
  • Differences between reflexive and   not reflexive forms:  ir / irse
  • The verbs costar, sentirse
  • Past tense: Pretérito Indefinido
  • Time markers used with the past tense
  • Verbal periphrasis:   empezar a + Infinitiv
  • Prepositions and other expressions   of time: desde, desde hace,   hace…que, durante and hasta


  • Activities to learn languages
  • Feelings and mood
  • Professions and working environment
  • Cinema
  • Biographies
  • Housing types, the parts of the house and furniture

Cultural :

  • Lifestyles in the Hispanic world
  • Biographies of famous Hispanic personalities