For those with Spanish exams on the horizon, we adapt to you. Here at Spanish Academy, we know all about the examinations you will be taking. Depending on your school exams, we will assess your level and locate the class tailored towards your academic needs. Join us for a more personal approach to your Spanish studies and have the regular opportunity to speak directly with your native tutor.

Our learners will be immersed into cultural aspects of the Hispanic world, an integral aspect for the cultural awareness required of DELE, AP and GCSE exams. ¡Olé!

Regular Course:


Essential Vocabulary Greetings, moods, colours, numbers, family, food, habits, the house, school, leisure activities, transport, navigating a Spanish speaking city!
Essential Grammar Masculine, feminine, verb to be, verb to have, verb to like, verb to prefer, frequency, articles, plural, possessive, prepositions, quantity…
Phonics *Necessary phonemic awareness to meet communicative learning objectives. An emphasis on intonation.
Culture Hispanic names, history, geography and traditions.



Topics are chosen so that no surprises can occur in the examinations. With more emphasis on interculturality than the younger years, this course takes the student into the Spanish speaking world. From foods to countries, this course has an exciting group of topics to instil a passion for Spanish. Students can explore whilst preparing for future assessment. Essential vocabulary, grammar rules along with pronunciation are taught through topics our young learners can relate to.


Exam savvy skills are the key.  Through thorough assessment, students will have personal help for any areas that they are having difficulties in. This will be clearly communicated with parents with a clear plan in place. Expression in both written form and speech will be encouraged through practise, correction and praise.


Our professional resources bring our topics to life. We have chosen resources specifically tailored for the exams our teens will be sitting here in Singapore. Recommended by the Cervantes Institute of Madrid, our textbooks and resources have continuity and stimulate the retention of Spanish.


On their Spanish journey our young learners will be accumulating evidence of their progression relating to specific aspects of the exams they have. Students will obtain written work, homework and oral examples that reinforce the learnt vocabulary and grammar structures. Our teachers will present the learners portfolio to parents at the end of each term to show progression along with methods to improve any areas of weakness.

Exam Focus Group

Our examination based courses are tailored to be focused, dedicated sessions which provide an efficient way to study for major examinations that you may need to prepare for. This includes a third language you may take as part of your GCSEs, a supplement to Spanish language modules taught at international schools and the international baccalaureate program 

Our approach to ensuring exam success includes:

Teaching students exam techniques to efficiently deal with the demands of a time sensitive assessment mechanism

Course materials tailored to specific course needs, curated by our educators.

Having classes that focus on different aspects of the Spanish language including writing, reading, listing and the spoken form

Individual review with each student monthly to ensure progress and obtain feedback.

Where necessary personalised sessions can be arranged to ensure you achieve exam success.