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Early Years – Come Along on the Journey (18th Months to 6 Years Old)

Multiple studies have show that learning language at a young age improves cognitive ability, that means that besides the obvious advantage of being able to pick up a foreign language faster when we learn as children, it also improves a child’s ability to process and understand information which will help with general learning in the future. 

Our approach

We encourage parents to be an integral part of the learning process. Between the age of 18 moths to 3 years, parents can join our classes and have a first hand experience learning Spanish with your child. Through an interactive and immersive experience where play , story time and simple structured learning is conducted in Spanish, your child will take to Spanish like a native speaker.

The journey continues from 3 – 6 where learning is still kept fun but introduction of basic reading, writing and spoken components help augment informal learning. Your child enjoys the overall experience while at the same time parents are confident that our educators ensure progress is made with your child on their Spanish journey.

Our Spaces – We have created a safe and happy learning environment. Stimulating and inviting spaces to learn have been given the modern touch and through the five senses, children will be immersed into Spanish and will enjoy their learning.

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