We are a dedicated group of educators who want to bring our love of the Hispanic world to our students. Spanish is our passion, and here, at Spanish Academy, we have created an environment where students can immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture.

Our Familia

The importance of “familia” is the Hispanic way of life. Our staff are all friendly and personable native speakers who understand that each student is different. Teachers understand and celebrate diversity and classroom sizes are kept small to allow teachers to provider personal attention to students, while at the same time teaching a structured, world class curriculum.

Our familia will ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience on your Spanish adventure.

We offer three basic set courses for children and young adults which are boardly broadly cater to preschool children, children in primary school and students who may be pursuing secondary education. 

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, yet access to quality Spanish courses is limited in Singapore. With a huge potential native language base in the Americas, it is also extensively used in the United states. The development of Hispanic states in the future make Spanish the obvious choice for an alternative language and will prepare your child well for the future. 

Approach to Teaching

All our teachers are experienced educators and have been highly involved in developing our curriculum based on DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) principles. We only employ full time teachers to ensure a dedicated teaching staff that can take students through their Spanish journey.

Clear Learning Targets

At Spanish Academy, we believe each students is different. Our programmes are developed based on different needs, from junior level courses who aim to develop interest in the language to more structured programmes to cater to the demands of IB courses, or something for working adults who are aiming to achieve DELE recognition.

Close Communication

At each stage of your Spanish journey, our educators will sit down with you or parents to discuss your goals and address any concerns you may have. We treat everyone like “familia” and like “familia” we will help you plan your Spanish journey with us so you get the most of from your experience.

Why Spanish

A Practical Language

Spanish will be the most spoken language in the U.S by 2050. – Cervantes Institute, (2016).

With more native speakers than English on the planet, the Spanish language is spoken by millions of people from diverse background in diverse geographical areas. With over 50 million speakers in the U.S alone, Spanish is used widely throughout the Americans and is seen as a gateway language to the North and South American continents.

Learning Spanish as your second (or third) language will expand your horizons. Hispanic culture throughout the world is lively, fun and colourful. Knowing the underlying language will allow you to fully appreciate all the nuances of many cultures throughout the world. Our experienced and passionate educators are here to guide you on your Spanish journey. We will help you become a more confident communicator and a more prolific speaker and writer. We look forward to you joining the vibrant traditions of the other 470 million Spanish speakers on our planet.


Improve your phonetic Skill

Of the world languages, researchers consistently conclude that accessibility of the phonetic code is one of the most important determinants of success in learning a language.

Most students of a new language begin with enthusiasm and vigour, this can soon be replaced with frustration when progress is slow or non-existent. This is particularly true for adult learners trying to pick up a pictorial language(e.g. Japanese, mandarin).

Spanish has a direct phonetic code, like English, which many of us are familiar with. Having an understanding of the Romanised alphabet and how this translates to the spoken word will make learning Spanish both easy and enjoyable. Whatever your motivation for acquiring this easy-to-learn and widely-spoken language, we invite you to master this lengua with us.


Leaning Spanish as an alternative language has a other additional benefits

Multiple studies have shown that leaning an alternative language has benefits beyond that of just being able to communicate with a larger community of people.

When learning another language, it boosts the brains cognitive skills. This is because your brain will have to associate objects and their meaning in different context and automatically resolve these in different language systems. An associated benefit is the ability to multitask.

study from Spain’s University of Pompeu Fabra revealed that multilingual people are better at observing their surroundings. As each language has different nuances, the learning of an alternative language also increases perception as you brain need to process the same visual and audio queues in different ways. The learning and use of different language also boosts memory as the brain needs to learn a new grammar system and vocabulary lists.

All this culminates to better and more confident decision making. According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions.  When processing the information in different context, the brain builds in its own checks and balances to resolve this information and this translates to real world problem solving benefits.

Finally learning a second language might just improve your English. The need to navigate different language systems give you a better appreciation for the one that you have already learnt.

Source: (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationopinion/10126883/Why-learn-a-foreign-language-Benefits-of-bilingualism.html)


Not only Spanish but also French, Portuguese and Italian!

Spanish is what is know a “Romance language” which originates from Latin. Romance languages share a very similar grammatical structure and often have similar “root” vocabulary.

By learning Spanish, you’ll have a head start in learning other languages such as French, Portuguese and Italian.

The lexical similarity coefficient shows how similar two languages are in both grammatical form and vocabulary. A coefficient of 1 represents a complete overlap.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Which-language-is-closest-to-Spanish-Portuguese-Italian-or-French

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated native speakers who are eager and waiting to help you on your Spanish Journey.
Fernando De La Sierra

Fernando De La Sierra

Spanish Teacher
My teaching philosophy is one that focuses on questioning my own teaching practices and approaches to learning with an open mind. I also approach my teaching role as a facilitator, letting the students build bridges between the objectives that we have to reach and their personal interests. I have been a teacher of Spanish for the last ten years in two different countries and through my experience I believe I have not only guided my students in acquiring an additional language, but also to perceive the world in its complexity and see how languages can help them to be open minded, critical and confident to face the 20th century global challenges.
Adriana Esquivel

Adriana Esquivel

Spanish Teacher
She understands the needs of her students and adapts her classes to achieve their objectives. Whether you want to communicate in Spanish for traveling, work or just the love for the Spanish language and culture, or if you are just preparing for DELE, IB, IGCSE exam, she will make everything for you to reach your goal. She loves technology, games and music, as well as traveling, and discovering new places to visit. She will give you all the resources you need to make your learning experience a great one.
Borja Francisco

Borja Francisco

Spanish Teacher
Borja holds a Degree in Spanish Language and Literature as well as a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. He has been teaching Spanish for 10 years in different countries such as Spain, Ireland, China, Vietnam, USA and Singapore. He has taught students of varied ages, nationalities and educational backgrounds at schools and universities. He is also an official DELE examiner at all levels.

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