Why Choose Spanish Academy?

Why Choose Spanish Academy?

Approach to teaching

All our teachers are experienced educators and have been highly involved in developing our curriculum based on DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) principles. We only employ full time teachers to ensure a dedicated teaching staff that can see students through their Spanish journey.

Clear target for the student

At Spanish Academy, we believe each student is different. Our programmes are developed based on different needs, from junior level courses who aim to develop interest in the language to more structured programmes to cater to the demands of IB courses, or something for working adults who are aiming to achieve DELE recognition.

Close Communication

At each stage of your Spanish journey, our educators will sit down with you or parents to discuss your goals and address any concerns you may have. We treat everyone like “familia” and like “familia” we will help you plan your Spanish journey with us so you get the most of from your experience.

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